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360° Construction Photo Documentation


How 360° Images Make your life easier

Documenting a full construction site requires on average 10 to 15 photos per room and that’s on the low end. By the time you’ve completely captured a project you’re looking at thousands of point and shoot photos that must now be stored in folders and subfolders and labeled per room and so on and so on. You can imagine the headaches you will have going back and trying to find a specific part of a specific room.

Why are 360° images great for construction progress documentation?

360° images great for dealing with trade damages or missing wires or plumbing hidden behind drywall making it easier to create change orders. A 360° view of each room in different stages makes it easy to communicate requests clearly and helps you to be on the safe side should legal questions arise.

Drone-Captured Photos & Videos


Adding drone photos & videos to your website, social media and brochures help bring in sales and improve you’re marketing overall. You can share images of your project in all it’s stages from start to finish. Potential customers can see the value of your work when they see all the steps needed to complete a project from start to finish.

The Advantages of Drone Photography in Construction


Photographs sell. Adding aerial views to your website, brochures and social media accounts can drastically improve your marketing. Owners can share images of their projects in progress and especially after completion. These images can be used to show curious customers how technical and intricate construction processes work.