Fujifilm X-T1 – A favourite for all occasions

Its been about four to five years since I purchased the Fujifilm X-T1 and since then it’s always been in my bag. I started to carry it with my Nikon gear as a second body and kept it with me when I fully switched from Nikon to Fuji. I wasn’t sure I was going to love the Fujifilm X-T1 at first, I had my reservations after using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 for about a year. The quality on the X-Pro1 was great just the auto focus hunting left a lot to be desired, and when doing events photography focus speed is key. But here we are 5 years later and a hand full of firmware upgrades and the X-T1 is still a favourite for all occasions.

Most times as a photographer we get asked what’s a good camera for starting out and learning purposes, I would hands down recommend getting a used X-T1. Looking on Kijiji I was able to find plenty of Fujifilm X-T1 bodies and some with lenses ranging from $300 to $650 as you can see below.

Fujifilm X-T1
Fujifilm X-T1 - $300
Fujifilm X-T1
Fujifilm X-T1 + Battery grip and lens - $575
Fujifilm X-T1
Fujifilm X-T1 + Battery grip - $650

The size  is also a bonus. Sometimes while trying to get candid shots having a huge camera body can make it hard to be stealthy. Catching the subjects eye and ruining a perfectly candid photo. Nothing bothered me more than raising my Nikon body and having my subject spotting me and look away or become uncomfortable. With the X-T1 and the variety of prime lenses Fuji offers you can move in and out of situations take the photo you need without anyone even noticing.

I went through Adobe Lightroom and quickly grabbed some of my favourite images captured with the  X-T1 and added them to this post. I’ve done everything from BTS shoots, Weddings, Engagements & Product photography. So if your looking for a second back up body or a starter body I can’t recommend this body enough. Now the only down side is low light focusing performance, when at a hall or a evening/night event that is’t well lit you will find the auto focus hunting can lead to missing the shot you want so if that’s something you will be covering I would suggest an upgrade to the X-T2. If you’re interested in learning more about the Fujifilm X-T1 I won’t bore you with re-writing specs, just click HERE to go to the official Fujifilm X-T1 page.

I see you made it this far, if want more check out my last post where I review an Aukey Ora lens (all product photos taken with the X-T1) Click here