My First FPV Drone

Up until about a month ago the only drones I’ve ever really flown have been DJI drones. Now they’re great for what they do but are nothing like an FPV Drone both in the shots and the sheer fun of flying but thank’s to Instagram and Youtube and whatever demon powered algorithm that works behind the scenes, all I get are amazing FPV drone videos. After seeing an FPV drone video that was made by Johnny FPV (click his name you can see his channel and the videos he makes) I decided I have to get in to it. The shots done with FPV are out of this world nothing comes close. So I googled and found this local company RotorGeeks and they helped me choose my first drone that best fit my needs.

Easy peezy right?! WROOONG! Holy smokes do these guys online make flying fpv drones easy! I’ve been at it for about 2 months now 4 to 5 days a week and I’m still far from being a skilled pilot. I’ve crashed more times than I can count, but lucky for me the drone industry outside of DJI has lots of spare parts and repair guides also I have RotorGeeks, they’re the best place for drones and  any questions I’ve had they’ve been able to help with and guide me. Without that kind of support I don’t think these last few months would have been as enjoyable. I look forward to see where this takes me, I can’t wait to see what kind of shots I can get in the future. I’m only now comfortable enough to finally strap on a Gopro without worrying about crashing and breaking it fingers crossed.