Samsung S22 Ultra For Photography

Samsung S22 Ultra For Photography is amazing! Not only are the wide and regular lenses great but the new telephoto 10x optical zoom makes photography so much more fun. Majority of the shared photos below I am standing so far away from the subject yet the photos come out great. For example you’ll see one of the a little mouse under a bush. I was so far from that little guy he didn’t even notice me allowing me to capture some snaps of him. The two buildings you see side by side are these buildings I can see from my coffee shop every morning. They’re far away enough that if you held up the palm of your hand you could completely cover them yet with the zoom I can capture them as if was right up by them.

The zoom does go up to 100x digitally but let’s be honest other than the moon pics it allows you take at night the rest is unusable at a 100x. They are more like digital binoculars at a 100x digital zoom than it is a camera. That’s still fine with me having a 100x zoom to see things insanely far away is really fun. The rest of this phone is as flagship as it get’s the video quality, photo quality all that stuff is top tier. I just wanted to come here and state how much I love the zoom feature, prior to buying this phone I honestly thought it was more of a gimmick than a tool. Now I can say that it is definitely a strong buying point. I honestly don’t know what they can do with the next phone to top this.

I can’t wait for the day when my pro cameras have this much versatility in a tiny lens. I think that’s every photographers dream. Imagine a day we get a 10mm –  200mm, f1.4, in a compact lens! It will never happen in my lifetime but I can dream!